Lane County Residents,

The Sheriff’s Office, shortly before the passage of measure 20-213, experienced a $10,000,000 reduction in the budget year. As a result, due to lack of funding to operate a sufficient amount of jail beds, it was estimated that over 5,500 inmates a year were being released before completing their sentences and over 500 were recommitting crimes in our communities. These criminals posed a serious risk to our community; those being released early were being held for violent crimes such as rape, manslaughter, assault and robbery. The passage of measure 20-213 in 2013 helped lift our jail to a functional level. However, the funding will sunset next year if we are not able to pass it again!

Because of this, we must vote “Yes” to renew the jail levy.

Voting “Yes” will continue to fund a minimum 255 jail beds to prevent the early release of violent criminals. It will continue to keep dangerous sex offenders and other violent criminals behind bars rather than in the community.

Please join me, Lane County District Attorney Patty Perlow, County Commissioner Pat Farr, and many local community leaders and vote “Yes” to renew the jail levy.


Sheriff Byron Trapp